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Meet Pelu



I’ve loved fashion ever since I was a child. Being the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, I was often gifted clothing made from West African print fabrics. I loved the vibrance of these pieces and they only served to increase my love for fashion and styling clothing. Even though I had this love for fashion, I had never really seen it as more than a hobby until college.

In my sophomore year, a friend encouraged me to join a fashion design club on campus. The club hosted an annual fashion show showcasing the designs of club members and the collections of graduating apparel design majors. I had never made clothes before so I learned how to use a sewing machine at a two-hour workshop hosted by the club. With the help of a few youtube videos, I made 3 garments, entered them into the fashion show, and won an award for each one. This was a huge surprise to me since I was the only designer in the show who was not an apparel design major. From then on, I was sewing nonstop.

The major characteristic of my clothes is that I incorporate traditional West African print fabric into modern designs. I was just making myself clothes in my bedroom and posting them occasionally on Instagram when my friends began suggesting I start a business. I soon became inspired by the idea of owning my own clothing brand.

After taking on an entrepreneurship minor, I gained respect for socially conscious businesses and social enterprises. Fast fashion is the rapid and mass production of low-cost clothing to the point where it is harmful to the environment and garment workers and I am horrified by its prevalence in the fashion industry. My business will always be committed to high-quality clothing and fair labor. I also want to use my brand to support businesses in West Africa. My goal is to find fabric suppliers and clothing manufacturers in Nigeria or other West African countries so I can give back to the place where my family is from and that inspired my designs. 

As a recent graduate, I finally have the time to put my ideas into action and am excited to share my handmade designs with people all over the world.

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